Born and raised in Miami Florida, Brittany always gravitated toward the arts. At a young age she started drawing and painting and was attending magnet art schools, where she studied Fine Art and Fashion Design. In search for something fun and creative, she saw a video on the internet of a pole dancer and thought, how strong and graceful it looked! So she bought a pole and taught herself the basics at home, using YouTube videos. After a year or so she started attending classes weekly at a pole studio and her love for pole grew. What started out as a hobby, has turned into her life’s passion and career.


Brittany is a Classique Style Pole Dancer and loves the sexy, showgirl side of pole. She is a certified pole fitness instructor with XPERT Pole and Aerial Fitness. She was part of the St.Barths Aerial Arts Show in 2016, where she taught classes and performed. In 2018 Brittany competed in the USPDF amateur competition where she was one of the top finalists to receive her Pro status. Brittany is currently teaching, performing, and competing. Please contact for private lessons and event bookings.

Competitions/ Live Shows

2019 Aerialympics Exotic Poledance Advanced division Second Place

2018 US Pole Sports Federation Classique Amateur Second Place

2018 US Pole Dance Federation Amateur Qualified for Pro Status 

2017 Dance Filthy USA Amateur

2016 St.Barths Aerial Arts Show  

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